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Professor of Ecology & Evolution at the University of Fribourg; research interest in ecological and evolutionary aspects of plant-antagonist interactions, especially in the context of plant invasion and range extension, and biological control; organisms: Centaurea stoebe, Senecio vulgarisVeratrum album, Rumex spp and Ambrosia artemisiifolia, with their associated insect herbivores and pathogens.

 Short CV

Panorama of the Perolles Campus 03 taken by our drone ©YanSun&GuillaumeMurat


 Our research highlighted in the Annual Report of the University of Fribourg, then the pdf of p.35

 On 4 February, Yan organized the 2nd Dumpling workshop in honor of the Chinese New Year, was great fun and delicious food link

 We were brewing our own SMARTER beer, and on 14 June a first tasting, hmmmmmmm link

 Heinz informs National Councillor Mrs. Schneider-Schüttel about our ongoing ragweed-Ophraella beetle studies in the frame
     of her visit of our faculty on 19 April 2018. link

  A new method for assessing host finding ability among various populations of the potential ragweed biocontrol insect Ophraella
originating from the US (native range), Italy, Switzerland and China (introduced ranges).Video

 Our report on “Occurrence monitoring and non-target survey of Ophrealla” is now published on the website of the Federal Office
     for the Environment (FOEN)

 Dr. Zhiyong Liao visited our lab during 25-28 Nov. 2017 and gave a presentation on "Adaptation of invasive
Chromolaena odorata to abiotic environmental factors".

 Heinz and Yan participated the 5th International Symposium "Weeds and Invasive Plants" in Chios, Greece, 10-14 Oct 2017.
      Heinz was invated to gave a keynote talk on the biocontrol of ragweed; Yan presented her recent study on the evalution of

 Short video released end of September 2017 by the French “Ragweed Observatory” on our ragweed leaf beetle as a potential
     biological control agent against Ambrosia artemisiifolia in Europe. The shooting was partially made in our greenhouse and
     quarantine facility. Youtube link

Great success of SMARTER (our large EU-COST programme on Ambrosia): SMARTER was chosen to be one of the 10
     success stories among all COST Actions that ended in 2016! Please find an interview with the chair Heinz Müller-Schärer and
      with Suzanne Lommen. Report

Brought a SPARK drone back form China, love it! Here two pics of our two selection experiments in Northern Italy, one by the
     Ophraella beetle on artificial ragweed populations(by Yan et al.) and one by sunflower on Ophraella populations (by Sarah
     and Maria et al). Pics

Heinz and Yan just recieved a prestigious Novartis grant to add metabolomics to our Ambrosia selection experiment and to have
      Yan for an additional year at Unifr.

On 31 March, we successfully started the 2017 field season in Lombardia, Northen Italy: both ragweed and Ophraella are out!

On 16 May, we received a very positive final assessment report on our achievements realised through our four year
     (2012-2016) COST-SMARTER research program  (Sustainable Management of Ambrosia aRTemisiifolia in EuRope).
     Thus ready for a next adventure! Pic

Great skiiing in the Fribourg pre-alps on warm and sunny 11 March, with Sarah, Maria, Anne-Marth, Joelle and Heinz. Pics

  21 February: start of the thesis work of our three new Bachelor students Carine Beuchat, Janisse Deluigi and
      Shing-Chi LIU, welcome!

  With a most successul stakeholder conference near Milano (IT) on 28 October 2016, with more than 100 participants
      from local, regional and national authorities we concluded our 4 year COST SMARTER Action. In the afternoon, we
      visited one of our field sites in Magnago (IT) link.

  Welcoming two new colleagues in my research group, both visiting professors, Yongjian Wang from China and Asad
      Shabbir from Pakistan.

  I just recruited two more team members in the framework of my new SNSF project, Sarah Bouchmousse (France) as
      PostDoc and Maria Litto (Italy) as PhD. Both will start early September 2016. Welcome!

  On 21-26 April, Heinz gave a lecture course and seminars on “Biological Invasions and their Management” at Shiraz
      University in Iran; he also e
njoyed great hospitality and a tennis match Link

  On April 1-3, we successfully started the 2016 field season with establishing field experiments for Mirjam (Bsc) and 
      Yan (PostDoc) in the Milano, Italy area Link

  Juppi! Heinz just received the full amount of his requested 600'000 EUR grant from SNSF to study the genomics of
      Ophraella populations on ragweed (Demographic history and recent selection in novel environments: an innovative
      approach to assess benefits and risks of a potential biological control agent)

  Joelle, Yan and Heinz went skiing on 19 March on the Lauberhorn (Grindelwald/Wengen) Link

  Heinz, Benno, Suzanne and Yan participated in the Smarter Task Force Meeting Ophraella in Turin, Italy (21-23 March

  Suzanne is visiting Yvonne Buckley's lab at Trinity College, Dublin to work on her integra Projecting Model for ragweed 
      population dynamics (7-20 March 2016)

  Benno, Suzanne and Yan participated in the Biology16 meeting in Lausanne, and presented their latest findings (10-11 Feb.

  Goodbye to Melinda Leitsch-Vitalos, who returns to Vienna with her family (21 Jan. 2016)

  Heinz and Yan visited the lab of Prof. Oliver Bossdorf at University of Tübingen, where Heinz also gave a research seminar
     (19-20 Jan. 2016)

  Heinz and Yan visited the lab of Prof. Mark Van Kleunen at University of Konstanz, where Heinz also gave a research
      seminar (11 Dec. 2015)

  27 June 2015: International Ragweed Day: the fight goes on! Press release by: SMARTER, Int. Ragweed Soc., Unifr DE,
       Unifr FR


Group picture of 8th Nov. 2016

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