– In order to request access to an instrument, complete this Request for Introduction form.
– An introduction by the responsible admin is mandatory. Both Non-AMI students and employees must additionally fill out the Agreement for employees and students from UniFr and external guests (see below).
– The introductions comprises a practical lecture at the instrument. The responsible administrator decides if the user is allowed to use the instrument.
– Only persons who successfully passed the practical lecture are eligible to book and use the instrument.
– The introduction can only be given by the responsible administrator.
– The amount of people that can be introduced at the instrument simultaneously is limited and defined by the responsible administrator.

– Reservation of the instrument is mandatory.
– Only users who passed the introduction can make a reservation
– Reservation must be done through the official booking platform.
– Bookings can be cancelled or edited using the booking platform.
– Short-notice cancellations can be announced to the other users through the platform (email list).
– If an instrument reaches maximum capacity, a restriction regime can be applied by the responsible administrator.
– The responsible administrator can make changes and cancel reservations (e.g. for maintenance and repair) at all times.

– AMI users can access the instrument every time of the day, every time of the week using the UnifFR batch.
– Non-AMI users must gain access by the concierge.

– Users work independetly (without operator)
– The user is responsible for the well-functioning of the instrument during the session.
– Damage caused due to mistreatment by the user will be charged on the user’s group leader.
– Before starting the session, the user must check the instrument and report and damage of incorrect state immediately to the responsible.

– The user commits her/himself to provide the digital object identifier (DOI) of all accepted manuscripts. This can be done in the Upload DOI section.

-The charges as outlined on the Rates page will be invoiced.
– Invoicing is done once per year (end of December).
– It is the decision of the responsible admin to decide if the charges will be invoiced as a collaboration on future publications.