Focused ion beam

ThermoFischer Scios 2 | acquired 2018

Electron optics

  • Non-immersion column
  • High-stability Schottky field emission gun at 20 eV-30 keV
  • 0.9 nm  resolution at 30 keV STEM, 1.2 nm at 1 keV with beam deceleration

Ion optics

  • Sidewinder ion column with acceleration voltage: 500 V – 30 kV
  • Beam current range: 1.5 pA – 65 nA
  • Ion beam resolution: 3.0 nm at 30kV


Up to four simultaneously detected signals

  • Trinity Detection System (in-lens and in-column)
    – T1 segmented lower in-lens detector
    – T2 upper in-lens detector
  • Everhart-Thornley secondarz electron detector
  • Retractable low-voltage, high-contrast, segmented solid-state
    backscatter electron detector
  • Retractable STEM 3+ detector with Brightfield/ Darkfield/ high angle annular darkfield


Flexible 5-axis motorized stage with compucentric rotation and tilt:

  •  XY range: 110 mm,  Z range: 65 mm, endless rotation (360°)
  • Tilt range: -15° to +60°
  • Max sample height: Clearance 85 mm to eucentric point
  • Max sample weight at 0° tilt: 2 kg (including sample holder)
  • Max sample size: 110 mm with full rotation (larger samples
    possible with limited rotation)


Dr Dimitri Vanhecke | tel: 9509 |


Request for introduction

FIB introductions are organized about twice per year. The prerequisites to enter the introduction are:

  1. The participant needs an expertise level at  SEM. Practically, this means you must bring a minimum of 20 hours of hands-on experience in SEM. A heads-up intro on the Tescan SEM can be offered in the weeks ahead of the FIBSEM introduction.
  2. A thorough discussion on the project – and especially how the FIB comes in – before the introduction. Only projects that can theoretically be matched to the functionality of the FIB can be considered.
  3. There is a maximum number of 4 (four) participants per intro.
  4. Administration. You need to:
    1. Fill out the request form below.
    2. Fill out this request for introduction form in parallel, filled out and signed
    3. If you are not a member of the Adolphe Merkle Institute, you must upload  Agreement for employees and students from UniFR and external guests. Fill it out and sign it where appropriate.
    4. The intro is only available to academic users.

The next FIB intro is scheduled from:

Monday April 27nd until Friday April 7th, 2020.

However, please note that COVID restrictions may cause changes to these dates. Worst case, the course may be skipped completely. Furthermore, note an absolute limit of maximum four participants, using the first come first serve basis.