Measures by The Federal Council

These measures are to be maintained in any situation:

  • Stay home if you are ill, or you have been in contact with contaminated people in the last 14 days.
  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water, 20 seconds worth before you enter the microscope room
  • Keep 2 m distance to other people, also inside the microscope room
  • Wear an approved surgical mask at all times

Hygienic measures for the save use of microscopes

These mandatory measures are required to use the microscopes

  • Book the instrument on-line. do not check in the room if it is free.
  • Maximum 1 person per instrument
  • Check the maximum number of people allowed in the room
Start of your session
  • Wear an FFP2 mask when you are not alone.
  • Don fresh gloves upon entering the room
  • Optionally: wear safety goggles
  • before starting your session:
    • wipe all contact surfaces with 70% ethanol: the PC keyboard, mouse, trackball, panels, eyepieces, joysticks. Use Kim wipes.
    • wait 10 minutes 
End of your session
  • Discard the gloves in the waste bin
  • Wipe the keyboard, mouse and panels, eyepieces, joysticks with 70% ethanol

Postprocessing measures

  • Post-processing and analysis is done through teleworking, not in the microscopy facility

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